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NASA's Opportunity Rover Mission on Mars Comes to End

NASA's Opportunity Mars rover mission is complete after 15 years on Mars. Opportunity's record-breaking exploration laid the groundwork for future missions to the Red Planet.

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Current Weather on Mars

Sol 2319 (2019-02-13), high -17C/1F, low -72C/-97F, pressure at 8.12 hPa, daylight 06:46-18:52pic.twitter.com/anlHR95BMs

Mars Facts

Equatorial Diameter: 6,792 km
Polar Diameter: 6,752 km
Mass: 6.42 x 10^23 kg (10.7% Earth)
Moons: 2 (Phobos & Deimos)
Orbit Distance: 227,943,824 km (1.52 AU)
Orbit Period: 687 days (1.9 years)
Surface Temperature: -153 to 20 °C
First Record: 2nd millennium BC
Recorded By: Egyptian astronomers

Mars Hemispheres

Cerberus Hemisphere Enhanced

Schiaparelli Hemisphere Enhanced

Syrtis Major Hemisphere Enhanced

Valles Marineris Hemisphere Enhanced